Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Horseback Riding

This morning we woke up early...emmm....8am....and got ready to go horseback riding. I haven't been on a horse since my last trip to Cabo and lets just say that my derrier is reminding me of that right about now.

Meet our horses...mine was named Rodeo. Our guide and owner of 3Senores, Mauricio, rescued and nurtured him back to health. In addition to rescuing horses, Mauricio donates the proceeds from horse riding to other animal rescues!

It's a challenge to take pictures while sitting on a 1,000+lbs domesticated creature, but here's a look at my attempt.

vaquero Mauricio and Isaac at the start of our trip

the trail

vaquero Isaac

open fields along the trail

vaquero Eric, he was super nice!

Lake Tothe area

Mauricio did a fabulous job guiding us and the horses!
He told us about the area and a little history
on San Miguel Viejo (Old San Miguel)

This is the first church built in San Miguel.
They still have Mass here on Mondays.

here's Isaac at the end of our ride...his derrier was glad it was over!

If you're ever in San Miguel and want to go horseback riding along the country side call Mauricio at 3 Senores! He was professional, knowledgeable and super nice.

We had a great time riding with him and Eric.

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